I can’t resist discussing this story.

I was on a bare sailing cruise in the British Virgin Islands 6-7 years ago and we were anchored in White Bay. It was after dinner, we’d had a bottle of wine or four, and determined we needed to go to the bar ashore for a drink – but of course we didn’t desire to get dressed. Somehow we did not find this as a difficulty. Into http://kazyz.com scaled, motored off to the pub (not the Soggy Dollar, the other one) and in we walked.

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There were just half a dozen folks there, but not surprisingly our entry was noticed. One young man let out a whoop when we walked in, and he immediately got nude (though his girlfriend made him get dressed again – I’ve frequently believed that I hoped he dropped her). We sat down as generally as possible at one of the tables, continuing our dialog, and in a moment the waitress came along. She was very flustered, garbled a few incoherent monosylables, and then left, having forgotten to take our drink orders.

We spent almost two hours in the pub and had a grand time. Eventually most of the other patrons left, the bartender got naked, and even the waitress took off her top. She and our hostess subsequently compared breast jobs and discovered they had had the same plastic surgeon in Atlanta. It was certainly a memorable night!

But the part I really have yet to figure out is how – or whether – we paid for our drinks. We went without clothes, so without pockets, so without wallets, hence without cash. So I reckon the best element of the evening was that it was not only clothing-free, it was additionally drinks-for free.

It did not happen here; it occurred at the ends of the world.

I met a young man. Yes, I suppose you could say that http://4manage.net ‘d only just begun by then; he hadn’t even started wooing me. And somehow at a specific moment we found ourselves by the beachfront. Not a soul about, waves pounding against the seashore, the moonlight in the sky.
Why do not we take a dip? – he says to me. But we haven’t got neither swimsuits nor towels with us, I say. He: look what an excellent evening, the water is so war, it will be a sin to miss this opportunity. We could swim nude! Well why not, I thought. The weather was extremely superb, warm and all. And though the moon was shining, the seashore was badly lit as the moon wasn’t full. I shook off my slippers, afterward removed my jeans, undies and took off in the direction of the water. He followed me, but at some distance and to the side.
So there we’re, swimming and keeping the proper distance. Having had enough of this we made it to the coast. I was leading again, and he was following me. I looked back to see him and though it was almost pitch dark I thought I caught a glimpse of his natural ‘body’s response’, and it might sound preposterous, but it made me feel joyful!
We dressed somehow and continued walking in our wet tees. After that we bathed by http://voyzone.com .
Then he started trying to convince me to go to the seashore during daytime. He’d say that we kinda learnt everything we could about nighttime bathing and now it turned out to be a new challenge for all of us to do it during the daytime. I kept on saying no because I was actually embarrassed by the idea of undressing in broad daylight, but I actually needed to go. Afterward I made up my mind to do some ‘practicing’ during the day all by myself to begin with. I found a rugged shore with tremendous rubbles that I could jump from one to another. And so I started bound. as soon as I moved so far from the shore to be sure no one sane would follow me here I halted and got nude. Stark naked. I really don’t know why, but I was literary trembling then. The sensation of being totally nude outside was intoxicating, and I tried not to think about the likelihood of somebody else’s coming to where I was.
I had a novel with me, so I located a larger and more comfy debris, lay on it and began reading and having some rest in general. The sun was shining, the waves were lapping against the shoreline, the shoreline was unifying into distance, small yachts and motorboats took their lazy ramble over the waves.

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The atmosphere was serene and relaxing, and little by little I began to feel more comfortable. After a while I felt the need to pee. It was then that I recalled about the article I once read about an experiment carried out on a group of individuals to whom it was suggested to pee inside their pants for a significant amount of cash. Regardless that the amount was extremely remarkable, no one could bring themselves to do this. Same happened to me: I slid off the rubble, squatted and simply could not do it! And I truly desired to After all, I could go a bit further and do my thing hiding behind the rubbles. But I felt inexplicably uncooperative. So I put on my pants, then lowered them and let the conditional reflexes take over. While I squatted there relaxed doing my thing I was looking at the motorboat anchored at some distance. That was when I believed I saw something flashing in the motorboat. In a blink of an eye I drew a picture in my head with somebody armed with a spyglass overlooking my escapade. I felt like I bit off more than I could chew, I collected my things and dressed up in no time, and currently I was gone with my heart still thumping in my ears.
After that I ventured another couple of sorties that were managed with a lot more calm. In the end I conceded to visit the shore together with the young man. It wasn’t half as frightening as I had imagined it to be, as the shore was deserted and there was no one but us there. We went there for some more times, and it was just once that we happened to meet various other people there, but I never experienced such strong emotions again.
My friendship together with the young man in question ended up quite sadly, but I figure that’s a whole new narrative.

You Meet the Nicest People When You Are Nude

I always come down to the Florida Keys in http://x-nudism.com/demo1.php with my wife. This year I wanted to come down in February but my wife did not need to be away from home that long so she enabled me to go by myself. Being by myself and understanding there was a clothing-optional beach nearby and it is something I ‘ve always thought about trying but knowing my wife would not approve of my mindset, I believed, “She will never understand so go see what is all about.”

So away I went, shorts, tee shirt, thong, and water shoes. The thong was my outside if I could not get up the nerve to go completely bare. Once I got to the beach, and it is a tiny shore, I walked out in my short pants and sat down and began to think, “Are you going to do this or what?”

The funny thing that happened was that I was sitting by this guy and we started talking (he was naked) and I felt uncomfortable and got up and walk down the beach to get away from him. Being somewhat in a secluded place I got my tee shirt off and shorts,just leaving on the thong. This nice couple came walking down the trail and saw me there and stopped for few seconds and told me a little concerning the region and where to go and not to go.

Then they started down the seashore. I set back to get some sunshine when all of a sudden they reappeared and inquire if they could sit down next to where I was sitting. I said OK, wondering why they came back so soon. Well this started getting better.

There they sat nude and now having a friendly conversation with me. Soon I discovered they where no longer naked in front of me (they were but I just then didn’t find anymore) but only a nice couple speaking to a visitor. Now the weird thing. I got up took off my thong and was standing there totally nude in front of two strangers. I’ve never been nude in front of a girls apart from my wife in my life and it all seemed totally natural.

Now I was nude and this couple appeared to say, “That was not that bad was it,” got up and went on their marry way. The remainder of the day I walked round the beach naked and was dreading the sun going down.

I am going to return and do this again. It only looks so natural and now I am wondering how can I convince my wife there is nothing wrong about being nude with like-minded individuals. It sure beats clothes as well as the nudists you meet are incredibly reassuring.

Now I need to go and figure where I’m going. Get naked or nude but do not be a prude.

Introduced Many to Nudism

Raised a strict Catholic in a time that even the word nude or naked was never allowed, I had a hard time understanding this premise. I discovered I loved being nude really young and frequently had dreams of being bare exterior. When old enough to sneak off alone, I experienced my first societal nude day and have not looked back.

I’ve introduced numerous buddies to social nudity and have never had one friend have a poor encounter being naked. There have been several friends that swore they’d never strip nude in public and I gave them lots of leeway and within just a couple of minutes they had stripped naked and found the only negative element of the day spent naked was that they needed to put their clothes back on at the close of the day.

as soon as I met my husband, he had been a long time nudist and we both openly love being bare whenever possible. We amuse many friends and for a while we were naked with just a few close friends and then we determined to get a clothes optional party in our back yard for a mix of bare and textile pals. We have a pool and Jacuzzi and the lawn is completely private so this certainly made enjoyable lots of fun. The day of the celebration, we’d ideas that maybe this was a bad idea but too late when the first of our cloth pals arrived a little early. I was wearing a sarong and my husband a male version of a sarong. My friend Michelle had a little look of disappointment as she came in and I asked if she was okay and Michelle giggled a little and said “I believed this was really going to be clothing optional but you’re dressed”! With that, I dropped the sarong and said come in and make yourself comfy. I offered the bedroom to change and Michelle said that wasn’t essential and comfortably undressed and said which way to the pool. A couple of our guest revealed a little trepidation of stripping initially but within the first 30 minutes clothes was no longer optional as everyone was bare.

The evening was warm and we partied well into the morning. The majority of our guests had departed by 1AM but two other couples simply didn’t need to see the evening come to a conclusion. Eventually, we offered for them to remain overnight and with one last dip in the Jacuzzi, we all went to bed.

Sunday morning, up early and headed to the kitchen to brew coffee and met Karen and Rick in the hallway. Both nude and headed to the Jacuzzi. When everyone was up, we women made breakfast and we all enjoyed a leisurely brunch in the nude on the veranda. The day passed and no one wanted the weekend to finish. We women sunbathed by the pool as well as the guys loved football but shortly joined us in the pool.

We’ve since continued our parties with our new located nudist buddies and do meet at one other couples’ home when their adolescents are gone for the weekend. For those have share the ordinary trepidation of social nudity, I hope you’ll work up the courage to at least attempt it once and I’m sure you’ll be hooked for life. You’d be surprised how a number of your buddies are nudists.

Ontario, California
My first experience

26 years ago my partner and I seen the Club Med on Martinique. Our room was near the nude beach and we walked past it going to and from our room. Although we are certified in scuba, Club Med required a “check-out” dive in order to participate. We went for the check-out our first full day there. I did not have any problem and passed. My wife had some ear equalizing problems and had to stop the check out. This required her to go back the next morning. So I ‘d the morning alone. While walking from my room to the beach I stopped at the nude beach. I thought that I’d take a look. It actually appeared odd to see so a lot of people all naked! As I stood there for a second I understood that I was the one standing out in my suit. I hesitated and was about to leave when I said to my self, “What the heck, go for it.” So I took my suit off. It was odd to be standing on a public beach, NUDE! The genuinely shocking part was that no one looked twice! So I grabbed a chair, spread out my towel and spent the morning reading.

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As it came time for my wife to return, I put my suit on and went to meet her. I inquired how the dive went and she said good, so we could sign up to go diving. She asked me what I did for the morning. I hesitated and somewhat embarrassed, told her. I described the strangeness which dissolved into relaxation as the morning passed. I described that there were all sorts of folks, young and old, appropriate and far from fit all relaxing on the shore. She surprised me by saying, “I believe I should try it out too.” And that’s where we spent the rest of our week when not out diving.

Since then we’ve been to many resorts, some with bare regions and some where the resort was all nude. We attend a club near us when our schedules permit. It took some years to be comfortable telling them, but now all our close friends know how little we have to pack for holiday!

Jogging nude

My first time is the same as most, I started at home once I was about fifteen years of age. I was raised in an extremely typical American subdivision in Long Island, NY. I’m the youngest of three, the summers morning was perfect for a quick run. I followed my daily path which took me down a fire trail next to the railroad tracks. In a secluded area the urge was really powerful so I took off my shorts and tank top the cool morning air felt so wonderful against my skin; I thought it helped me run quicker. I became quite comfortable with myself in a brief period of time. Running nude down a wooded dirt road was fascinating and incredibly intoxicating. Sadly the trail was coming to an end I started to see edifices and automobiles. My short moment of being nude had come to a conclusion.
When I got back to my house everybody else had left for work so I stripped down and stayed nude for the rest of the day. Since then anytime I can get to a nude beach or a nudist camp, I go when I can, but nothing will match those first moments back that summer so long ago.

My First Nudist Encounter

About 15 years ago I learned the location of the only local nude beach. It wasn’t easy to get reliable information and I had gone on more than one wild goose chase. I told my wife I was going to check it out when I got an excellent chance. Not long after I completed work before rush hour and set out to find the shore. I managed to find parking but understood I would need to walk a great half mile. Crossing a couple of suburban business parking lots I came to a railroad crossing. I followed the paths as I was told I should do but I wasn’t alone. Other individuals were headed the same direction taking towels and or totes appropriate for time in the beach. I followed a tiny group of people when an opening with a trail into the woods veered away from the courses. By this time I found there was two-way traffic. All this suggested to me a well-known and frequented destination was nearing. A few more minutes and I started hearing sounds of action, numerous voices etc. I could see ahead a widening of the trail and as I approached it I saw to my acceptance and with some surprise a large number of nude and close nude people. They were somewhat crowded onto a small gravelly beach at the southeastern edge of a long narrow lake. On the lake there was an equally large number of nude people floating on air mattresses many linked together by holding hands or merely with a hand on an adjoining air mattress. Meanwhile several individuals waded and swam nude. I was starting to feel overdressed and didn’t want to be perceived as a gawker and in a manner of less than a minute I was naked. The feeling was absolutely liberating. In spite of being solo I did not feel conspicuous or out of place. I located a small spot of beach and laid out my towel. I took a bit of time to just find and take everything in but soon got up and waded into the water. I knew I had discovered an action I would repeat.
On my way home I thought it might be disappointing attempting to continue going to the seashore as I knew my wife would not be interested. Arriving home my wife and her sister were relaxing after work and getting dinner began. Shortly she asked me if I found it and I told her yes. She then asked if I took my clothing off. I told her I did and I adored it. Her response was “You’re weird”. Boy I ‘d an uphill struggle ahead.
Good times have changed and we have been members of a landed club for a number of years and she is also a nudist but that’s another story.

-Jim W.
Blaine, Minnesota

When I was in my very early teens I used to strip off every time my parents were out of the home

and enjoyed the feeling of being naked.

We continue publishing stories shared by our subscribers that are female – young nudist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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There were times when I went out in to the back yard and nudist family fuck story of the atmosphere all over my body was, and still is, indescrible. During my teen years I was not a recluse in my love of naturism and would not be afraid to acknowledge to http://4nspark.net of being nude. Constantly in the context of the dialog, I never shoved it in peoples faces so to speak, but if the conversation had a leaning toward skinny dipping or the like I ‘d say that I don’t have any problem joining in or taking part.
Right up to the day I got married I had not experienced societal nudity like in a club or beach. Of course my wife knew of my love of being naked but at that time did not join me in my nude time. It was in the 2nd year of union that we wnt on a camping holiday to Europe with friends. We travelled through Belgium, Holland, Germany, Denmark and Sweden. On the return trip we stopped for a few nights on the Isle of Sylt which is just off Germany near the boarder with Denmark. My wife was there when she was quite little as her family was stationed there with the RAF. There’s been nude beaches on Sylt for years.
When we’d set up the tent our buddies went off into the town and I asked the wife if she desired to check out the beach. To this she agreed. It was only the other side of the road from where we’d camped so off we went. We walked through the dunes and came out on to a wonderful beach where everybody were nude. The wife looked at me and smiled saying go on then I know you wish to join in. So I did!!! This was my first time nude in a societal setting and it felt incredible to be bare with others who appreciated the same feeling I did.
We sat down on the seashore and just relaxed for a little while. The wife at this point was still textile. I’m not one for sitting around for extended intervals and went for a walk along the waters edge. I’d like to add at this point that whilst we had been in Sweden I had sunbathed nude on a couple of affairs when we were in the dunes by ourselves and the wife had gone topless. On returning from my walk I spotted a sight that’ll remain with me forever, my wife was lying on her back completely bare. This was such a wonderful sight that I must confess it gave me my first erection on a nude beach. I did spend at least the next five minutes lying on my front in the sand.
She stated that she had felt the odd one out with others nude around her so she joined in. When we decided we better walk back to the tent we only picked up our clothes and walked as far as we dare before putting them back on to cross the dunes and also the road back to the camp site. On the walk back she explained that she now understood why I liked being bare as the feeling was out of this world and we made arrangements to spend more time on the beach the next day which was the last before the long drive home.
When we got back to the tent our buddy were back from town and asked us where we had been so we told them we had been to take a look at the nude beach. They asked what it was like and if there were many people there. We answered by saying there were two more when we got there… you should have seen there faces.
From that day forward we’ve appreciated a nudist lifestyle and not concealed the fact we are nudists from buddies or family members. That was 37 years ago this summer. Some of the family still believe we are wierd but who cares… we don’t.
Propagate the word.. Naked is best. Bob..

I went to a nude beach for the very first time two weeks ago in CA. (Black’s Beach) I was alone, and as a man, was

a bit concerned about looking like a perv and not desiring to be gawked at by homosexual guys. So I picked a spot on the seashore looked relatively safe. Not fully isolated, but not near anyone. Well, after I worked up the nerve to discard my clothes, it felt wonderful. Notably when I went in the water.

So as my nervousness was subsiding, I just had fun swimming and enjoying the water. After several minutes I realized there were two nude young women nearby, who came to the water after me. (Mainly I understood this because suddenly there were 5 or 6 men clumping the area too. What the heck?!) I was a bit annoyed, feeling like I was going to be lumped in with these other losers following the girls, though I was actually there first. Well, just as I was starting to depart the water, I realized the girls had a waterproof camera. So I chose to say something rather than simply walk away embarrassing.

We continue publishing stories shared by our subscribers that are female – young nudist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time

I acted like I was a bit shocked and annoyed that they had a camera there. Then walked over to them reached my hand out and proposed that I could shoot an image of the both of them. (Keep in mind this is my FIRST time at a nude beach. I’m very conservative and have never even been nude with my girlfriend. Can you say NERVOUS?! But I just tried to hide it.)

Well, the long story short, they laughed and let me take their picture; and we stayed there and had fun in the water together for probably another 15 minutes. After I worked up even more nerve, an went over to them on the shore with my camera and asked them if we could all take a picture together… which we did.

What http://etyzo.com ! I’ve gone from being scared to take a shower in the men’s locker room in the fitness center, to being comfortable in my own skin around practically http://tetyk.com , including those two young, attractive girls. What a confidence booster!

I went to Gunnison Beach last weekend and had a fantastic time meeting other folks. Guys, ladies, and couples. I still don’t think I am prepared to go au naturale with people I know, but this is definitely a liberating experience that I plan to continue appreciating.

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