My very first time at a nude beach was at Little Beach in Hawaii. I had gone over and stayed back from

the seashore getting up enough courage to go over to the shore. Eventually decided it was something I ‘d desired to do, so walked on down, found a spot and took off my swimsuit. The following measure was to get up and go play in the water that I did.

Another time was at a warm spring and there was another person there sitting in a chair nude. After sitting in the spring for awhile, got out and enjoyed the sun naked additionally. At first when other folks came, I’d put the towel over me, but after observing him, I had the bravery to stay uncovered with the the next couple of folks that came. One couple came and he stripped down to get in the springtime, the woman though changed into a swimsuit with him holding the towel up. She did loosen up some and would let her top straps down. When the top slide a little to show one breast and so she casually pulled it up again. It looked like she wanted to join in, or at least go topless, but only could never move ahead with it.

My recent brave move was to go out naked in the yard of the condo we were staying at with my wife. She isn’t into nudism and so occasionally when we are alone someone and I ‘ve gone naked, she isn’t very approving. But it is early in the year and I was longing to get some nude time in the sun, so just walked right outside and put on the lounge chair. With the solitude wall at this place, I was expecting she wouldn’t say anything or be upset. She joined me in her bikini and appeared comfortable with me laying out nude. Later on she took her top off which was somewhat surprising. After she eased her bottoms off and joined me nude. Even more surprising was the next day when we were going outside to catch some sun. She did not even trouble to place her bikini on, but simply went straight out nude.

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There were still other times that she still wore , but encouraging that she was willing to do some nude sunbathing. Looking forward to the summer with her to see how much she is willing to really go.

One last time to relate was when I was at a small resevoir and was laying on a inflatable mat floating on the water. I had on some swimwear that had some clasps, so I released the clasps and enjoyed floating on the mat bare. There were boats going by and a couple of other people on the shore, but it felt so nice. I have done this again once I got past the initial first time. Consistently keep them handy in case a ranger comes by.

I’ll add a funny story for you and for your son which may place his mind at ease.

I used to visit a naturist resort each summer with my cousin and my aunt and uncle. This was from age 16 to 18 or so, in the early and mid 1990s. My aunt used to take a couple of pictures each summer of the family and our friends.

Last year my cousin, who’s 35 now, located an old picture that she had never seen before. A graphic of the two of us together, when I was 16 and she was 17. We are modeling with one of my best friends from our trips to the resort, a boy named Stephen who was a year older than me. He’s in the middle, and Jodi and I are on both sides, and we’ve got our arms around each other and everybody is smiling and no one is wearing anything but sandals.

Jodi found this photo and thought it was such a pleasant graphic, we all appeared happy, and at first she couldn’t figure out why ‘d never seen it with the other family pictures. Afterward she comprehended … Stephen had an erection. Apparently her mom didn’t need to include it with the other pictures because of that. But Jodi believed it was hilarious, and she could not wait to reveal it to me. This young lad, his arms around two young girls, all of them naked, and he’s got an erection and a big old smile on his face.

We continue releasing stories shared by our female subscribers – young nudist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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Cracked us up.

But the point? It was totally innocent. There was nothing lustful or improper about it, and in the time we did not even notice it, so he must have covered up or done something about it rather quickly. Tell your son that ‘s no big deal unless he makes it a huge deal. It’s natural.

Hi, my names Kat and Im Jesss sister. Im 13 and Jess has requested me to write about nudism and going naked

for this particular website.
I didnt ever consider going round nude, but I did start to find last fall when Jess seemed to not constantly have all her clothes on on a regular basis! I saw her walking round the home in her undies and additionally a couple of times going into her room with nothing on after shed had a shower. It didnt mean anything to me at all what she was doing, but it didnt worry me.
One day I was in my room and Jess knocked on the doorway. She came in to the room and she was naked! It didnt really bother me that she didnt have any clothing on, but I was still a bit surprised! She explained that she was naked because she was a nudist, which she told me was a person who loves being nude (I didnt know). She said shed spoken to mum and mum had said it was okay if she was naked at home occasionally, but she wanted to be sure I was alright with it too. It didnt bother me if she was really going to be going round in the nude all the time, so I said it was fine by me. I wanted to know why she liked it so much though, and she said it was merely feeling free and being comfortable, which I said was trendy, and she said I should try it sometime. I just kind of said uh huh to that, I didnt think Id ever actually end up doing it!
Anyway, pretty soon I got used to Jess being naked at home. It never bothered me that I could see her boobs and everything else, cuz Im a girl too. In the beginning she used to get dressed whenever folks came round but after a bit she quit doing that. That meant that my friends when they came round occasionally saw her naked. At first I was slightly embarrassed that they had seen her like that but that soon stopped. None of my buddies seemed disturbed so I wasnt either.
We used to discuss a lot about going bare and items like that and Jess asked me a few times if I needed to try it for myself. I said perhaps sometime cuz I wasnt really sure if I needed to or not. But having Jess walking round the house nude did mean that I didnt feel like I had to be completely dressed all of the time any more. I started going out of the shower with no towel around me and sometimes I’d go back to my room and lie on my bed reading a magazine or whatever without getting dressed.
My first real time of going naked was in the winter. It snowed a lot and our entire back garden was covered with snow. Jess challenged me to a snowball fight and of course I agreed. I went to get my coat and scarf and gloves and things, and I saw that Jess just remained standing there by the back door, with nothing on of course. I asked her if she was really going to go and get dressed and she said no, Im going out like this. You should, also, itll be enjoyable. I dont really understand why, but that time I said yes, I would.
Jess was actually really surprised that Id said yes, she was like are you certain? You dont have to if you dont need to, but I did need to and I could tell Jess was really pleased that I did. I went upstairs and took off all of my clothing, then we put our shoes on so our feet didnt get cold and went out into the garden. was quite odd being nude outside, but it was a nice feeling and it wasnt anything like as chilly as Id believed it’d be. I was simply standing enjoying what it felt like when this chilly, wet snowball hit me on the butt! We had our snowball fight but it didnt last long cuz we both ended up fairly chilly with wet hair fairly quickly, but being naked meant only our skin was wet and our clothing stayed dry inside!

We continue releasing stories shared by our subscribers that are female – young nudist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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We finished up by lying down and making nude snow angels, which was amazing to feel the snow against all my skin, and fairly amusing to see two angels with bottom prints in the middle! Afterward we ran inside to get warmed up and Jess asked me if Id loved myself and I told her I had.
That was the only time I went nude like that for quite a while, cuz I still wasnt sure about it. The next time was during the Easter holidays. Me and Jess went to stay with our father, whos divorced from our mum and lives in Manchester. He’s understood Jess is a nudist since she told mum and hes fine with it, and this time Jess asked him if it was OK for her to go bare while she was there. He said it was and so the next morning she came downstairs with nothing on, just like she does at home.
It was a really pleasant day and so Jess went out to sit on the veranda. She seemed really happy in order to go naked outdoor in sunlight and was appreciating it. That was when I decided that I’d like to go naked, too. Id been thinking of it for quite some time now, that maybe I did need to give it a go, but I wasnt sure till then. I told Jess that I had determined that I needed to go nude and she said that was really excellent, so I went inside and took my clothes away. I went back out into the garden and sat down with Jess.
It felt extremely good to be nude, actually. I cant really describe it, but when I went bare in the snow it felt nice, but this was even better! It was really amazing being able to sense the breeze and stuff on my naked skin. And I didnt feel at all bot here d about being nude cuz Jess was as well. We spoke for quite some time, largely about going bare and I said now I could understand why Jess enjoyed it.
We stayed out in the garden sunbathing and speaking all day, then went back up to the house. Jess gave me a hug and said she was very proud of me for being so confident and for coming to my own choice about going naked, which was nice, but I couldnt really see what the big deal was it was only interesting for me! I saw my father when I went in the house, and when he saw that I didnt have clothes on he grinned and said not you as well! I asked him if it was acceptable and he said it was good, so that was cool.
After that I began going nude more and more. Not all the time at first (like, that day I got dressed in the evening, but the next morning I was naked again), but when we got home to my mums I began doing it a lot. In the beginning it was only at weekends if we were out in the garden and possibly in the mornings I wouldnt get dressed until after breakfast (I started sleeping bare too) but after a bit I started coming home from school and instead of changing my clothing I ‘d only take all of them away and remain that way until the next morning, just like Jess does. I asked mum if she minded me being nude and she said not in the smallest, shes had a lot of time to get used to it with Jess!

There was a water park/ theme park that I used to attend many years past. The signage in the locker rooms for the water park was

very poor. Moreover, the entry required folks right past a row of shifting booths with no curtains, or a clear perspective of a number of the showers. This resulted in a situation where unknowing women, sometimes with their youngsters in tow, would drift in, simply to locate me or alternative men in a nude state. The results were always one of two things. Either A) the girl would apologize, I’d say, “That’s acceptable,” and also the woman would leave or cool.gif the girl would look stunned and stand there . I would say, ” This is the men’s locker room.” The woman would nod and leave.

The textile public swimming pool I belonged to before I moved this year had a men’s locker that frequently found women roaming in, believing they were on read . Upon seeing me or other naked men, they would always, quietly, turn and leave, or apologize and leave. I’d say it happened maybe one or two times a year. Just once did I ever hear one of the men express irritation.

We continue publishing stories shared by our female subscribers – young fkk girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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On the rest room usage, I was once at a visitor’s center at a national park where there was a long line of ladies outside both the women, and the men’s room. As I approached the men’s room, one of the women informed me, ” if you just need to make use of the urinal, you can go right in. As none of the ladies in line disputed that, I avoided them and used the urinal. granny beach sex seemed to care. When I was at an airport in a foreign nation a couple of years back, I walked into the men’s room to find a lady cleaning the floors. I turned around, to look for another rest room, but she told me, ” No no, you can use ( the facility).” Again, neither of us seemed to care, so all was well.

I asked my wife if she had ever found any guys roaming into the ladies locker room. She told me that just once did she ever see this kind of thing. Once, while she was at our textile pool, changing clothing, she heard the female attendant yell, ” Workmen are coming through the locker room.” Seen by the attendant, 2 male workers walked through, scrutinizing some work that was done. My wife wasn’t observable to them at the time and nobody was using the showers, which had no curtains.

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