I was sitting out by my pool soaking up sunlight.

My pool is really private. I was dozing off when I heard someone say good morning. I opened my eyes and outside my screen enclosure was the wife of my lawn guy. It turned out to be a hot sunny day. blog nudism was putting there nude and she was standing there hot and sweaty. It was to late to cover up so I simply said the heck with it and invited her in to take a swim and cool off. In a flash she entered the pool area and stripped off her clothing. I ‘ve http://nudist-young.com/nudist-beach.html . She rinsed off and then jumped into the pool. I was surprised and glad that there wasn’t going to be an issue. I offered a cold drink and we had a nice visit. She thanked me for letting her cool off and then got dressed and proceeded to finish her work on the yard. It turned out that she and her husband were nudist and afterwards encouraged me to join them on their boat for a naked day on the water.

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8 thoughts on “I was sitting out by my pool soaking up sunlight.

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    Gerardo Ventry - December 16, 2016

    Love a lady who knows how display her vulva at the beach. Wish I was there.

  2. Reply
    outsfguy - December 18, 2016


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    sexrock32 - December 22, 2016

    Hey babe you look great ! Funtastic tits ! Please send more and show us your ass ! Oh I am hard now !

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    owhawt - December 22, 2016


  5. Reply
    ingomat - December 24, 2016

    These pictures are at least 10 years old (see the magazine cover on the last pic where they still talk about DM in stead of Euros). I bet this is a guy taking revenge on his ex-wife.

  6. Reply
    candidcol - December 27, 2016
  7. Reply
    jussivaana - February 16, 2017

    Would love to fuck that awesome pussy mound!! You can watch.

  8. Reply
    cymro777 - March 21, 2017

    If you can’t take any better pictures than this you had better GIVE UP!!!!!!!

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