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WE LOVE YOUR SITE. We just discovered it last month, and since then we went and bought a digital camera so we could send in some pics. (Do you guys own stock in any digital camera companies? Ha-ha-ha. Please label this FIRST of many contributions: SexyWife1...see we will send in more if the response is good enough. Please feel free to send any arousing comments on the Bulletin Board if so inclined. Also, feel free to send in any suggestions for poses that you desire. Unfortunately, due to my wife's job, she CAN NOT show her face :( But as you can tell from the heart, she loves taking pictures and having people view them on the web! Kate and crew - We have tons more, most are too hot for Private Shots - but would be great for Red Clouds. Do you waive the Annual Fee for GREAT contributors? If she made enough money on a website, I could possibly talk her into quitting her job! (Like Allisa's site - with bi-weekly contributions). I hope these pictures bring someone else some enjoyment. Thanks for all the enjoyment!

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showing my tit Thanks for all the comments on my last corti, sorry some of you who left your e mail address did not get a response from me, had problems with you address or your spam box. Just to recap I am JJ live in Bristol UK and for those who remember my last corti, NO it was not the downs


My wifes wet juggs She came home from work stressed and tired as always, but this time I was naked waiting for her. I kissed her, and put my hand between her thighs and saw the tension just melt away. I went around behind her and slipped my hand down her jeans. She sighed as I began to rub her clitoris.