When I was in my very early teens I used to strip off every time my parents were out of the home

and enjoyed the feeling of being naked.
There were times once I went out in to the back yard and that feeling of the atmosphere all over my body was, and still is, indescrible. During my teen years I was not a recluse in my love of naturism and wouldn’t hesitate to admit to my love of being bare. Always in the context of the dialogue, I never pushed it in peoples faces so to speak, but if the dialogue had a leaning toward skinny dipping or the like I ‘d say that I don’t have any difficulty joining in or taking part.
Right up to the day I got married I had not experienced societal nudity like in a club or beach. Of course my wife knew of my love of being nude but at that time did not join me in my naked time. It was in the second year of union that we wnt on a camping vacation to Europe with friends. We travelled through Belgium, Holland, Germany, Denmark and Sweden.

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On the return trip we stopped for a few nights on the Isle of Sylt which is just off Germany near the boarder with Denmark. My wife was there when she was very modest as her family was stationed there with the RAF. There has been nude beaches on Sylt for years.
When we’d set up the tent our friends went off into the town and I asked the wife if she wanted to check out the beach. To this she agreed. It was only the different side of the road from where we had camped so off we went. We walked through the dunes and came out on to an excellent beach where everybody were http://nudism.name/nudism.html . The wife looked at me and smiled saying go on then I understand you need to join in. So I did!!! This was my first time nude in a social setting and it felt wonderful to be nude with others who appreciated the same feeling I did.
We sat down on the seashore and just relaxed for a while. The wife at this point was still textile. I’m not one for sitting around for long intervals and went for a walk along the waters edge. I’d like to add at this point that whilst we had been in Sweden I ‘d sunbathed naked on a couple of occasions when we were in the dunes by ourselves and the wife had gone topless. On returning from my walk I spotted a sight that will stay with me forever, my wife was lying on her back absolutely nude. This was such an excellent sight that I have to confess it gave me my first erection on a nude beach. I did spend at least the next five minutes lying on my front in the sand.
She stated that she’d felt the odd one out with others naked around her so she joined in. When we decided we better walk back to the tent we only picked up our clothes and walked as far as we dare before putting them back on to cross the dunes and the road back to the camp site. On the walk back she explained that she now understood why I liked being bare as the feeling was out of this world and http://mon-blog-gay.net made arrangements to spend more time on the beach the following day which was the last before the long drive home.
When we got back to the tent our buddy were back from town and asked us where we had been so we told them we had been to have a look at the nude beach. They inquired what it absolutely was like and if there were many people there. We answered by saying there were two more when we got there… you should have seen there faces.
From that day forth we’ve loved a nudist lifestyle and not hidden the fact we are nudists from friends or family. That was 37 years ago this summer. Some of the family still believe we’re wierd but who cares… we do not.
Propagate the word.. Bare is greatest. Bob..

I used to sneak out of my house nude (we were lucky and had a big back yard

that was fairly protected) and just lie in the hammock. That likely began when I was 11 or so.
First in public was two years ago in Croatia, Istria, with my family. My parents have always been naturists (as far as I know), but I never had the guts (like if they had friends over for the hot tub or whatever, I Had simply stay inside and play video games.) But like lots of other folks have said, when you are in a real naturist spot, along with the girls are looking at you like you’re a freak as you’ve your suit on, it gets easier.
After about three hours or so I totally forgot I was bare and almost forgot to dress before I crossed the gate back to the clothed side of the campground. I love the feeling and despite being a teen boy who LOVES girls, its never been sexual.

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Which surprised me, cause the entire day when femdom on beach told us we’d be “going through the gate” if we wanted I was like “bring it on” but then when we got there I was like, okay we’re in this together and if I get lucky she’ll arrive at the campfire tonight lol and truthfully, honestly did not actually think about the fact we were both naked. ( russian family nudists ! lol )
I am aware I’m babbling but I only would love for Americans to get past this insane hangup and learn to appreciate nature and the feeling of being free. I know for a fact that three girls in my personal class in college study naked (truth in truth or dare) but two of them believe a nude beach is sinful. And there are guys on my soccer team who’ve never showered in a gym lockerroom because they are too timid.
Dudes, get a life. People will make fun of you because of how you act, not how you appear bare.

I want to just start off by saying a little about myself. Im a 25 year old man and was brought up in

a home where nudity wasnt prohibited, but it was realized that nudity was a personal matter.
I cant really recall ever seeing anyone nude growing up. I did however like to be naked by myself and sometimes swim bare in our pool. I could barely consider myself a nudist.
Now onto my first experience, which occurred just this past weekend. My aunt and uncle invited me to go with them to the desert for the weekend to ride their quads and 4×4. Essentially simply a getaway. It was a little over a year since I ‘d seen them and we got to catching up about whats new in our lives. It was then that they explained that they were striving nudism. The way that my aunt said it was kind of tongue in cheek so I thought she was kidding. So I mentioned, In Case you do it, Ill do it, in a joking tone. Nothing else was said about it during the remaining part of the drive.
After a day of riding and having a fantastic time, I went into their travel trailer to get cleaned up while my uncle headed off into town to get more gas for the following day. My aunt was becoming cleaned in the shower so I just began watching tv. After a few minutes, she comes out of the little shower entirely bare. After taking a short look, my instincts were to look away at the tv. She then sat right across from me and started running a comb through her hair. Having never seen her like this, I saw that she was in incredible physical condition for a female in her mid forties. Finding that I appeared uncomfortable, she inquired if she should cover up. I told her that she didnt have to, it was her trailer and she should do as she pleased. I then got up and took a shower. After exiting the ridiculously tiny toilet (fully clothed), I took the same seat across from her and began to watch television again. She asked me if I was open to the concept of nudism and what I thought about it. We began chatting and I found that I got used to her being nude, and it became easier to speak with her. She’d covered herself with a blanket from the waist down, so it appeared that talking to http://fairpost.net was easier than speaking to my completely bare aunt. I’d told her about my closet nudist activities previously. She told me that social nudism is far easier if you simply go for it rather than second guessing whether youll fit in.

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By this time, my uncle had made it back and was jumping into the shower. I told her that my chief worry was getting an erection, in front of my aunt no less. She told me that thats a common anxiety and that it probably wouldnt happen. But if it did, its not something to be embarrassed about, its a normal thing. She then got up to make dinner in the kitchen/living space (yea, its that small!). After our conversation, I didnt really mind that she was absolutely nude again. Paying more attention to preparing the meal, she inquired if I was interested in trying societal nudism with them. I told her that I’d like to. So using her simply go for it motto, I stripped off everything right then. Good for you she said. Nearly instantly, my anxiety was recognized. As soon as that last stitch was off, and she turned around, I got an instant full-on erection. She just looked at me in the eye and said relax, the challenging parts over. I sat down and went back to attempting to focus on the television show. After a few deathly, humiliating moments, I realized something very intriguing. I didn’t get an erection because I was turned on by read (thank god!), I got one because I was naked in front of her. Having never been in this position before, I was responding to it with a sexual feeling, where it had nothing related to sex. Once I realized that there was nothing sexual about nudism, I relaxed a lot.
Then my uncle came out of the shower and my humiliation emerged again. My entire life, I have been on the skinny side and have had poor self esteem because of it. But I could tell immediately that I was physically ,ahem, smaller than him in every way! We ended up talking about that and how self acceptance is really a huge element of nudism. Those three days were likely the most freeing days Ive ever had. I came away from this trip using a feeling of optimism and great self acceptance and self esteem. In a way, stripping away the garments freed me from self loathing. I cant wait till the following trip!

Well yesterday I finally had the opportunity to bare the nat- ural, and walk into the sun. To swim carefree in this world. in para- dice.

The shores in the sun. The feeling of the air on my body as well as the coolness of the clear clean salt waters of the carabean ocean were beyond words. to walk in the most natural and free way possible, like it was meant to be be. Without a soul to attention. their were hundreds others approximately
but they also were swimming carefree in this marvelous area, watching schools of fish swim by, and speaking to each other like they were best friends. Others were out walking on the fine white sands of the beach. We were speaking and unashamed, floating and swimming easily in the lovely blue waters of the bay, the sun warming us with http://tetyk.com giving rays from above. Gone were the problems I have had in the past using a swimsuit filling up with air and sand and binding in the worst potential of ways. It was wonderful not to have to sit in a soggy swimsuit for a change. Walking down the beach could not have been simpler because even though we all appeared a little different, we were all actually the same, without any racial, social or sexual barriers to overcome.
My wife on the other hand was a little uncomfortable to say the least. In my heart I know she’d have loved it if she’d have attempted it, but there were too many issues for her to overcome before she could vindicate losing her body armor. If you like you could blame it on age, you can blame it on her self image.

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You could say it is the taboos someone has drilled into her head for years, the body is poor, and seeing it’s a sin,or something. ( I do not actually know anywhere that this is backed up by facts!)
You could say she is a little set in her ways or a little hard headed. You could say she just believed naked was crude and lewd, and consistently sexual in content. I have to confess I believe it is a shame that 90% of the worlds people are driven by these same miss guided principles. http://nudist-photo.com guess I am blessed to join the 10% or so who may be a little more receptive to these not so new notions.
The Natural One

We decided to go to – – in Lutz, Florida (Near Tampa).

After reading the board plus a number of private e-mails from members we decided this might be the finest “positive” surroundings to give nudism a go. (My boyfriend has been a nudist for a while)
When you drive up there is a sizable gate and privacy fencing all around. There’s a gaurd at the gate who steers you to the main office.

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We went in and signed in, we had a reservation. Our home for the weekend proved to be a lovely Condo with an excellent loft, and an additional bedroom. It was kind of un nerving noticing nude people walking around! There was a tennis court where people were playing tennis au-natural. I really had a instance of the shys at first. My boyfriend was very understanding, however he got undressed right away like nothing was wrong… I undressed, but felt so much better having a sizable towel around me….
We went for a walk. Fantastic sunny warm day. They’ve a tremendous pool where there were quite a number of people swimming, kids, old folks etc. There was a great water volleyball game going on that was quite a bit of enjoyment to watch.
There is a pub and grill there where we halted and had an ice tea and just kind of observed. Everyone was extremely nice, and after awhile I basicly felt more out of place with all the towel around, so basicly I merely “lost the towel” It was really a “freeing” instant. It was fine to sit down by the pool in the lounge chairs and get that all over tan. No one leered at me, in fact we just sort of mixed right in. I felt http://nudiststube.com .
We spent most of that day sitting by the pool, swimming and sipping ice tea. That evening we drove into town to get a steak, extremely fun restraunts around. When we came back we disrobed and went to the hot tubs. They have two there. One which is really hot and a longer one which is warm. That tub had a lot of folks there simply talking. There was music from a lounge there, however we didnt go in, weren’t exactly bar type folks. But it seemed everyone was having a fun time dancing and enjoying the music.
We talked with several extremely nice people. One couple had come over from England for a week at – -. This was their fifth visit, which they do yearly.
On sunday we pretty much just relaxed. We took a canoe out, bare of course and paddled all around this amazing quiet lake. Watched closely for gators, though did not see one, nevertheless I ‘m not one to take a chance!
Had lunch in the poolside grill, excellent hamburgers. The gift shop there was genuinely exceptional. Had nudism pics and scarves and wraps and such. I picked up this really pretty pink coverwrap. And of course the – – T shirt!!
All in all I had a WONDERFUL experience and can not wait to go back. Or maybe hit a nude beach! Thank You so much to everyone here for all of the encouragement and information. Ill be watching the board for information on additional resorts and beaches!

I’d needed for a long time to visit a nude beach

and eventually made it about 7 years ago. We had been to topless beaches in Australia and I liked seeing my wife show her breasts. Although she was reluctant at first, she soon got used to it and enjoyed going topless.
Now I never thought of myself as an exhibitionist. I often have nightmares where I’m totally nude in some public place and attempting to hide myself. I wanted to go to a nude beach since I believed it would be interesting to see my wife naked in public and so we could see other nude people.
In 2001 we toured Florida and remained for a few nights in a motel in north Miami Beach. We soon learned there was a nude section of beach within walking distance so we went the next day. I thought my wife would just go topless so I was a bit surprised when she ******** totally naked. I did too, and was equally surprised that I enjoyed it.

We continue releasing stories shared by our subscribers that are female – young fkk girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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beach fucking was somewhat shy and never left our blanket, but after a while I went for a walk, and didnt feel self-conscious.
There were way more men than girls at the beach so my wife had more to look at than I. Most of the men were homosexual so that they probably didnt get a cost from taking a look at my wife, but there were many male/female couples too. Of course I enjoyed looking at the women, but I think my highlight was when I made eye contact with a woman who’d been looking at me. That’s great for the ego!
I simply put a picture of me on that beach in a private record that just my EP buddies can see. Right now I ‘ve only one friend on EP; will this get me more?

I think I Have been couped up too long this winter.

All I can think about now that the weather is warmer is getting outside. Since my last adventure, I started thinking more about how quiet it’s around here at 2 am. I’ve worked shift work before and I understand that there could be others awake at 2 am because they may have just got home from work. Not wanting to get found but enjoying the outdoors…at least until I can get to Gunnison or when MARNA begins their outdoor swims… I have to do what I can. Well…there is this park that’s part of the apartment complex…it’s about a 1/2 mile walk…and before you ask… I didn’t attempt to walk it in the nude. Remember…this topic is about brave…not dumb. I had checked it out a few days past and some of the lights are out, so there are a number of patches of dark area…so I thought, why not? This time I actually set my alarm last night for 2 am (must be insane), got dressed and walked to the park. Among the dark areas was around the swing set, jungle jim etc… No apartments close by, good visibility of seeing anyone approaching on foot or by car because they’d need to be in the lighted areas first. Saw no one about so I stripped down. A little cool and windy last night, but it felt http://voyzone.com to be outside in the nude. Since I just desired to be out for about a 1/2 hour…after all I want my beauty sleep.

We continue publishing stories shared by our female subscribers – young naturist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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I could only love for about 5 min. or so as it took me about 10 min. to walk the distance to the park. There was more to research, so I’m really thinking of going back tonight…but driving over (clothed), and that would give me about 20 min. at the park…and it is a warmer night and less windy. I’m going to be a tired pup tomorrow…but I Will tell you how http://nudism.name goes.

I’ll add a funny story for you and for your son that might place his head at ease.

I used to go to a naturist resort each summer with my cousin and my aunt and uncle. This was from age 16 to 18 or so, in the early and mid 1990s. My aunt used to shoot a couple of pictures each summer of the family as well as our friends.

Last year my cousin, who is 35 now, located an old image that she’d never seen before. A graphic of the two of us together, when I was 16 and she was 17. We are modeling with one of my best friends from our excursions to the resort, a boy named Stephen who was a year older than me. He’s in the middle, and Jodi and I are on either side, and we have got our arms around each other and everyone is grinning and no one is wearing anything but sandals.

Jodi located this photo and thought it was such a nice picture, we all looked happy, and at first she couldn’t figure out why she had never seen it with the other family photos. Afterward she realized … Stephen had an erection. Apparently her mom didn’t need to include it with the other pictures because of http://zykad.com . But Jodi thought it was hilarious, and she couldn’t wait to show it to me. This young boy, his arms around two young girls, all of them naked, and he’s got an erection and also a big old grin on his face. Cracked us up.

However, http://macdollars.net ? It was entirely innocent. There was nothing lustful or inappropriate about it, and in the time we didn’t even see it, so he must have covered up or done something about it rather fast.

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Tell your son that it’s no big deal unless he makes it a big deal. It’s natural.

First Time Encounter

This might appear a little peculiar, but I first got interested in nudism once I was about ten years old. I read the Adam & Eve story and wondered what it’d be like to be nude outside. So I went out to a patch of woods near our home and took off my clothing.

It felt great with the sunlight and atmosphere on my naked body. I was hooked from then on.I still go for walks in the woods for a naked hike. I started going to a nudist camp in southwest PA called White Thorn Lodge. I am intending to join WhiteThorn Lodge this year.

I additionally have being to Avalon Resort in WV.They have a nude bike show there in the summertime. It is almost always a good time.

-Bob H.
Mannington, West Virginia
Frightened, But For What?

Every summer from my late 20s to 30s I ‘d go to the office of Goodland in Hackettstown, NJ and ask all kinds of questions and chicken out and go home. Finally the year that I turned 40 I got brave enough to actually enter the gate and figure out what I was missing.

When I disrobed in the parking lot I felt completely relaxed. This is actually the very first time which I went into the pool and let the suns rays dry me and felt the breeze lightly caress my whole body. The feeling was quite refreshing.

Now I go to Rock Lodge with my fiance. Rock Lodge was her first encounter. At Rock Lodge I experienced two firsts. It was the very first time that I walked in the rain bare and I also had the opportunity to drive my car that way too. We locate the people there to be somewhat friendly and we feel very relaxed there.

What I was afraid of I will never understand but I am glad I took that first step several years past.

-Jim A.
New Jersey
Proud To Be an Advocate

Having been subjected to nudist magazines as a young child, I included the pleasure of being nude. It was not until I went off to college that I was able to truly join a club in Spokane, WA. What a delight having the ability to be with other like-minded people of all ages. Upon moving to Seattle I had the opportunity to join another club in which I attended monthly swims.

While I’m kind of remote from the west side clubs and resorts here in Oregon, I more than ever dedicated to the nudist lifestyle and promote it every chance I get with relatives and buddies. I can not think of a better way to spend time residence or when the weather is nice outside. When you have tried it, you will never look back.

-Rod N.
Pendleton,, Oregon
How My Wife Became a Nudist

I met my wife in 1961. We were married in 1963. I was hired by TWA in 1966. I selected San Francisco as my domicile. When we moved to California, we lived with Sharon’s mum until we found an apartment. We were hired to manage the building we lived in.

About 1968 we were listening to a radio show. The subject of the show was free beaches. I knew what they were but Sharon didn’t have a clue. I ‘d not brought up nudism with her since I had a poor encounter with a previous girlfriend I tried to introduce to nudism.

Sharon asked (in a kidding way,)”you would like to check that out, do not you?”

http://nudiststeen.com said, “Sure!” She said not without her! I said, “Great!, let’s do it!” The following week the show had people from nudist resorts talking about national bare weekend.

The host asked why folks would go to a resort and pay earth fees when they could go to the free beaches. They gave several great reasons. Sharon said the resorts sounded better and if we go we’ll go there. I asked her if she needed to visit Santa Cruz. We put on suits, short pants and t shirts. On the way I pulled off to a side road. Sharon inquired where I was going; I said it was a surprise. When I pulled in to a drive, she inquired again.

I told her it was a spot we heard about on the radio. She was uneasy. I said since we were here let’s take the tour, that we did not have to stay. We took the tour, the guide said if we wanted to remain drive in, take our clothes off and enjoy! I managed to talk her into remaining a half hour.

She asked if we had to get nude right away. She said no, get comfortable, than get bare. We drove in, I got nude, but Sharon didn’t right away. It took her no time to take all her clothes away. She said she felt out of place with her clothes on.

We were nudists until she got cancer. Sharon passed away 9/11/2001. Not a good day! I resumed nudism after her departure.

-George F.
Fallon, Nevada
My First Bare Experience

It absolutely was May 1960, I was a student at U of Ill.in Champaign. I ‘d been reading nudist magazines since I was in http://beach-photos.com , beginning about 1950. At first I looked at the images, but after becoming bored I started to read the magazines. I decided that someday I’d prefer to be a nudist.

I joined the Air Force after I graduated from high school. I continued to buy magazines while in the A.F. but at that time the law occasionally raided the nudist camps so I never tried to go. I was now free to go and I was in comfortable driving distance to a nudist camp, Zoro Nature Park.

I drove to the camp. When I arrived the woman in the gate asked if I had written to get permission to go to. I said no. She called the owner, Alois Knapp. He came to the gate, asked me if I was a nudist and how I knew about Zoro. I told him I ‘d been reading nudist magazines for several years and needed to be a nudist.

He let me go in the camp for the day but asked me if I had a girlfriend. I said yes, but she was at school in Rock Island, Ill. He said to bring her next time that I came. I said I’d attempt. Following the spring session was over we both went home and resumed relationship. In about three weeks I requested Josie to go with me to this camp I had seen in Indiana. I told her it was a real nice spot, the folks were nice and friendly, there was a pond to swim in, volleyball courts, etc. I said I thought she would appreciate it.

She asked me what was this “nature park.” I told her there were trails through the woods. She kept asking for more information and I eventually told her we could go skinny dipping in the pond.

We continue publishing stories shared by our subscribers that are female – young naturist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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When she heard that she inquired if this place was a nudist colony.

In those days there was no Internet for advice so I had nothing to direct me to explain nudism to her. She called me a pervert, slapped my face and broke our relationship. Gee, I wish I’d understood the best way to clarify nudism to her before asking her to join me for that trip to Zoro!

-George F.
Fallon, Nevada

Before I get on with the narrative of how our first nudist experience changed the marriage that my

husband and I appreciated for years, I’d like to point out that this really isn’t us in this image. It is a fun-loving German couple that helped our union change and evolve into something entirely new. All thanks to our last vacation and all the fun that we had in Spain.
It all began sometime last spring when my husband and I were arranging our next holiday. It’s been our small custom to visit the Mediterranean but even the most amazing part of the world can get a little dull after a few years. We have been everywhere, from North Africa to turkey and we had heaps of fun everywhere. However, this time we chose to do something entirely different and we decided that a great thought would be to test out nudism. We had some friends who did this and they always told us how it was excellent. Plus, we both got into contour over the previous half a year and we really felt comfortable. I mean, we were still in our prime and we were confident that we’d not be a sore sight for anyone.
We located this great resort in Spain and we booked our holiday. When http://voy-zone.com/nudist-video-sample.html got there, we started thinking that we were maybe overly adventuresome as all those naked bodies intimidated us a bit. Still the people there understood how to treat first timers and there was no one forcing us to get naked the very instant we stepped on the property of the resort. And it worked. By the end of our second day, we were sunbathing nude and we were loving it. I am able to let you know as a girl that it is independence which cannot be matched by anything else. Not having to wear those annoying bikinis or swimsuits actually liberates a woman and also the sunlight and water feel great on the breasts along with the clit. It feels sexual and sensual all at the exact same time.
And then, the 3rd day, we met the couple form the graphic, Eric and Greta, an excellent couple from Bohn, Germany who were regular guests at the resort. They were around the same age as us and we overheard them talking about a film me and my husband enjoyed very much. It turned out that they spoke perfect English and that they were searching for new couples to meet there. I instantly noticed that Greta had an amazingly round and fit butt and that her pussy was all shaven and http://x-nudists.com alluring. I really could say that as a girl. I cannot even imagine what my husband thought.
In any case, we spent the next few days together, doing everything together and after a while, you stop noticing that you’re all naked all of the time. Actually, I stopped noticing when my husband brushed against Greta or when Eric brushed against me. And yet, there was always this electricity.

We continue releasing stories shared by our subscribers that are female – young fkk girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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And then, one day, two days before we were going to leave, we asked them if they felt that same electricity that the two of us felt and they told us that they did. This never happened to them in each of their years at the resort and after a few drinks, we determined to do something about it.
I usually do not need to reveal any of the details, but let us just say that it was the wildest night of our lives and that it was more fun than you can imagine. There clearly was no awkwardness as well all saw each other naked before and it was insanely enjoyable. It was likewise hot as hell as Eric and Greta undoubtedly knew what they were doing and we were not half bad either. We spent the next night together as well and we have remained in touch. We’re seriously contemplating making this a routine thing and it’s actually brought new life to our union. Not that we were in a slump, but nudism together with swinging is the best thing ever.

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