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My Room Mate
Hi kate i discovered your site some 11mths ago when i was surfing.I'm from theland of oz (australia) and really enjoy your site and think its the bestfree site on the net,since ive been surfing i thought its about time i contributed.Thefollowing pics you may consider them either as voyeur or private shots.Theywere taken a few years ago about 8yrs to be exact,i lived in a garage andmy frinds used to sleep over ,one night i just happened to have a cameranext to my bedside it was dark abd my friend and his girl were doin thebusiness on my bedroom floor so i thought what a perfect oprtunity to surprisethem and surprise them i did and here r the results. Remember keep clicking those banners

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A little fun game The northeast of Brazil is marked by stark contrasts. On the coast is rich and beautiful cities. Inside we have drought, poverty and lack of many services such as health and education. I like to travel through these places, taking pictures and movies, as well as showing the reality of Brazil.


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