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Blonde wife gangbanged on the beach

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Juana Near The Eiffel Tower, Part 2 - Many asked for more, so I went into the dusty vault and found more of Juana at the Eiffel Tower in June 2003. Some explanatory details: -I have no contacts with Juana, a Colombian student in Paris then, who may very well have returned to Colombia by now, for all I know. -It is extremely unlikely she will ever read your comments and erotic thoughts about what you'd like to do to her!! ;-) For the photographically-challenged who thought to detect fakery: -I used two cameras: an Asahi Pentax Spotmatic, and an Olympus OM-2, with various lenses and Kodacolor and/or Fuji film, anywhere between 100 and 400 ASA. Exact camera settings escape me 3 and 1/2 years after the fact. -Photoshop was used only to import the photos via a Canon CanoScan D660U scanner. Chroma levels were adjusted with the software bundled with the scanner (Scangear CS-U, Version 1.09), so were cropping and brightness/contrast adjustments. -I have included feet (and UGLY shoes) in some pix, as this seems to be a major point of interest for the fakery-obsessed!! :-D

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Liz's Hot As Pregnant Italian 02 - Hi Jogor here is our second contribution with my lovely 9th month italian pregnat wife, he was very hot in those days like did sex a lot and I was crazy between the milk boobs. Bye from Italy


Aie que calor ! Audrey: Lazy Sunday Every Sunday morning I love to wake up and read the morning paper with my coffee. I love lounging around all day wearing next to nothing. Sundays are my lazy day to nap, relax and play around with my imagination. what do you do on your Sundays?? xoxoxox