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topless beach girls - candid ass

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Hubby and I spend our time apart thinking of fun and creative ideas for contri's-it helps make the time away not so difficult. Of course when he does come home, we spend all our "together" time in front & behind the camera!! LOL Hubby (Scout) came up with this idea and sinces kisses are my favorite (no-not chocolate kisses), I agreed. Thanks so much to all of you who left so many positive remarks - posting at naturist is something we love to do together and we appreciate that so many of you can see what it means!!! PS To those few who insist on making nasty remarks this is what I have to say (with a smile & a chuckle) yes I know I need to lose some weight and no I didn't eat the whole bag of kisses... grow up (Okay - I won't address that issue again!!) Sending a sweet - loving kiss to you 'Scout' and cyber kisses to all our naturist friends!!!!

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fun friday pics I liked your comments from my first try. Actually got me excited! So, I thought I'd try again and submit some more for your viewing pleasure. Keep the nice comments coming and I'll keep coming. Hey, maybe even I'll respond to my favorite commentor... ;]


The final set I'll keep sending them until you like something. These are more of me, taken by my husband. Every time I get naked, from the shower to the plage, he produces a camera. It's taken me a while but I think I like it... do you?