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Hello all at nudistKate, Sailor & the Crew. A special thanks to Kate for the HoF entries and fOr winning the last months Special Award - I feel so special. OK lets put the underarm controversy to bed, obviously some of you are passionate about this subject with a 50/50 split of opinion. I say live and let live, so rude and nasty comments are unnecessary - Thankyou. This contri is just a selection of pics so that you do not forget me, hope you like them. To answer some of your questions I live in the UK still, am a size 10/12 and the camera used is a Kodak DC (Although one day we will upgrade it). I am not a natural exhibitionist, nudistjust seems the best way to get away with it. I love all of your comments, please keep them comming and remember to vote. PS I have just applied for a nudistFnudistsite so hopefully I will be able to display any pics that you have missed. IF YOU ARE NOT INTO PEE PICS, DO NOT OPEN THE LAST TWO OK. xxxxxxxxx

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First Contribution... From caveman drawings to Greco Roman, from 18th century lithographs to modern day internet sites, everyone loves looking at naked bodies in private situations. And I'm no exception :) Here I am studying erotica through the ages thanks to The Erotica Universalis. sexy ex xxx


I used an extra zoom My girlfriend and I look at Redclouds together all the time, and she wanted to know if she was good enough for a BBW posting. What do you think? She sucks cock like a pro, and loves to eat my cum. Just look at the smile on her face. If you want to see more let us know